Reducer for oil field
Hardened gear speed reducer
Planetary gear reducer
Cylindrical gear reducer
Cycloidal pin wheel reducer
Three ring gear reducer
Herringbone gear oil pump special reducer
Gear motor
Electric drum
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Zibo Boshan Hongke Machinery Co. Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise reducer, is located in Zibo City Economic Development Zone Boshan Jiao Zhuang plant west 500 meters. GrandTech Machinery Co., the company has always been to "sustainable development, striving for the top" for business purposes, to "the pursuit of perfect quality, and always meet the customer" for the quality policy, promote the brand strategy, brand connotation, adjust operation strategy, create economies of scale.

GrandTech Machinery Co. Ltd. to produce reducer as the main products, with annual production capacity of 36000 reducers, the variety specification is complete, now has B, X series cycloid reducer; ZDY, ZLY, ZSY series hardened cylinder gear reducer; ZLYJ series plastic extruding machine dedicated Hardened reducer; DBY, DCY series hardened tapered cylindrical gear reducer; GR series helical gear reducer motor; GS series helical worm gear reducer motor; GK series spiral bevel gear reducer motor; GF series parallel shaft helical gear reducer series of hundreds of varieties of more than a dozen series motor, from the full set of technology R & D, design, manufacture. And advanced testing means, the cycloid pin wheel reducer production scale and production capacity ranks the first in the same industry.

GrandTech Machinery Co. Ltd has perfect quality management system, strict quality control, advanced molding grinding machine, horizontal machining center, the gear measuring center and coordinate measuring instrument such as a large number of advanced equipment and testing equipment, sophisticated equipment, advanced management concept, high-quality staff, effective quality assurance system, great to meet customer demand.

GrandTech Machinery Co., Ltd. sincerely welcome customers to visit and give guidance, win-win cooperation, to create a beautiful future hand in hand!


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